A World of Magic and Mystery

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I’ve always been a mystery/thriller reader but this past year I’ve been slowly wandering into the world of fantasy and magic. In Garden of the Cursed we follow Marlow, a cursebreaker, who’s searching for her mother who disappeared without a trace.

Marlow slips into a fake relationship with Adrius, an heir to the Falcrest family, to help break a compulsion spell that was forced upon him. As she investigates the history of the spell she must break the curse before it becomes permanent. While unraveling the tangled web of lies, she finds answers of her mother’s disappearance and might figure out who’s responsible for creating a powerful curse.

There are consequences to sticking her nose into places it doesn’t belong but Marlow wants answers and will break all the rules to find them.

I loved the characters, the world the author painted in my mind and the many mysteries that were unveiled. I found myself screaming after reading the final lines of the book, the twists were revealed and left me floored. I want more of Marlow, she’s my spirit animal, but I’m left waiting very impatiently, until next year, to find out what happens next. *sad face*