A captivating fantasy!

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I honestly don’t know how to express how much I love this book. I loved everything- the plot, characters, writing style, magic system; I loved it all. Essentially the main character, Marlow, is a curse breaker, but she used to live a different life before. One day, the guy she used to have feelings for, Adrius Falcrest, comes back into her life asking her to help him with a curse. So Marlow takes on the case, but she is also trying to find her missing mother at the same time.

This book is definitely like a fantasy/ mystery with some romance added in. There’s second chance romance and the fake dating trope which is done so well. The way Adrius pines after Marlow had me giggling because it was so cute. My only complaint with the book was that I honestly did not really know what the setting was. It took me like the whole book to figure out if Caraza was a city or country, and then I couldn’t figure out what time period it was supposed to be because there was no phones and stuff, but there were cameras. So overall I still gave it a 5 star, but there were only some minor issues for me.