This was great!

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I was able to read a bit of this one on BookishFirst and was definitely intrigued! I’m so glad I was able to win a finished copy and be able to read the rest of the book early.

The book is told from Marlene’s point-of-view and the book goes through her struggles of being accepted by those around her when it comes to her hair and just being herself. She definitely goes through a lot and although sometimes we are quick to say “It’s just hair.”, it’s a part of use that makes us who we are.

Marlene builds her relationship with her mother and even her aunt. I liked seeing them interact with one another and as a mother we don’t always have the best approach when trying to understand our child even when we want what is best for them. Listening is hard for everyone.

There are a couple great messages in this book that I think anyone would be able to relate to. We should be able to be ourselves and not have to change something about us for others.

The illustrations are wonderful and I loved the color choices.

Overall, this was a great graphic novel and one that I will share with my daughter in the future.