Sweet, Diverse Read

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What a simple, sweet story about being unique and standing out instead of trying to change to fit in.

Marlene dreads salon Sundays when she and her mom spend hours getting hair brushed out, straightened, and processed. Her straight her is beautiful, but she doesn't feel like herself and has to live her life avoiding sweating or getting any water on her hair. It also doesn't help that her cousin has straight, perfect hair and happily flaunts it.

Marlene must find a way to stand up for herself, stand up to bullies, and learn how to care for the beautiful "frizzy" hair she has. This is a must read for anyone with hair struggles but also for those who have difficulties with people accepting their differences. I have already been recommending this to students!

Diversity note: Marlene is black and Dominican, so there is representation for hispanic characters and Spanish is intermingled.