Such a good title for the Tween girl

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This book has a lesson-- be true to yourself and true to your own body. That is a lesson that many of us (not just tweens and young adults) need. This book is beautifully written and illustrated, and will reach those girls (and boys!) that may need to look inside themselves to find their beauty. Society puts out norms that are considered "beautiful" but not all people fit neatly inside those norms. This book aims to eliminate them altogether, and embrace that each of us has a beauty inside, if we are true to ourselves.

For many girls and women, their hair is a defining feature. Especially in the Black community, pressure is put on to use harsh chemicals and methods to straighten hair that is curly or frizzy. It causes a lot of damage to the person's real hair, and then it can't grow long. It is a terrible cycle, that this book aims to break. Natural hair can be (and IS!!!) beautiful.

Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this lovely book!