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WHEN I TELL YOU I CRIED. I did. Shamelessly. Marlene's story is heartbreaking in its truth while maintaining an air of hope to the last page. I felt absolutely indignant at the treatment she endured from her family members, but being Hispanic myself, I recognized the truth in her story. I cannot tell you how much I adored her Tia Ruby. She is the cool aunt I aspire to be, and she's able to break through the generational trauma to start a healing journey not only for herself, but for Marlene and eventually her mother. Watching the interactions between Marlene and Tia Ruby unfold was pure bliss. And let's not forget about Camilla. THREE CHEERS FOR CAMILLA. Everyone needs a Camilla in their life. She was unerringly supportive of Marlene's quest for comfort in her own skin, and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT.
The artwork is absolutely exquisite. The use of different colors between her mother's memories and Marlene's story was beautiful. The illustration of movement throughout the book is masterfully done, and the emotional expression is beyond belief.
Pick it up. Just do it.