Must Read!

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This is a must read for anyone that has curly hair was made to believe that it was not a good look. I struggled with this as a kid but I was never told it didn't look good, I was told that straight hair is easier. So much of this was extremely relatable. I loved that artwork and the story. Little kids should read this a know that their hair is beautiful no matter how it looks.

It was such a great message that I wish I had growing up. I loved the family support that Marlene finally got and the support of her best friend. Her best friend was there for her and let her know that her hair looked amazing whether is was straight or curly. When Marlene was made fun of, that is a sad part that is also very true. Little kids can be very cruel and having kids make fun of something you have no control over, is a hard pill to swallow.

Great message, great story, and a must read!