I Want Every Young Girl to Read This

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"Frizzy" is such a beautiful addition to middle grade graphic novels that balances humor, family, and large topics like anti-Blackness and colorism. The illustrations are bright and beautiful, the pinks are a hopeful touch as a background for Marlene's story. Claribel A. Ortega does a great job of showcasing the different experiences that Marlene has with those in her life in connection with her hair.
I love the way that Ortega encompasses feelings of grief when it comes to Marlene's mother's experiences with her natural hair. As well as the generational expectations and frankly anti-Blackness biases were taught to both Marlene's mother and her aunt. It was hard to read those biases being passed down, despite the ways they made both Marlene's mother and aunt during their lives, and the different approaches they both took as they grew up. I really cherished the relationship Marlene has with her aunt, and the evolution and lessons Marlene and her mother shared over the course of the novel.