I loved it so much!!

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This graphic novel was amazing. The main character, Marlene, has very curly hair that gets her in trouble with her mom, kids at school, and her other family. Her aunt however encourages her to let her hair down, go natural. I felt bad for Marlene, as the world is so cruel to her in every way. It sucks for a child so young to be so targeted by society and societal standards that I wanted to just give her a hug so badly. Unfortunately there are still so many kids who go through the same thing that Marlene does, and I feel that this book is good for those kids to see.
This book is good for kids in this generation to see. To show that you can fight those societal standards, and you don't have to fit in the perfect cookie cutter to be seen. I'm glad this book exists for those kids who just want to feel seen in this way. It's important for kids to see themselves in these books, so they feel less alone.