I love the message this graphic novel brings

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As I said in my title : I love the message this graphic novel brings. Personally I love my curly hair and am proud to say I look similar to the girl in the cover with tamer hair but I know tons of kids in my school who would benefit from reading on appreciating your curly hair due to the racism in my school since it is predominantly white and asian. We actually quite often talk about this racism and how weird it is to come form schools where we are the majority and suddenly being the minority, bullied and victims of racism. So I truly do think that this book brings an empowering message and is an empowering novel. I'm glad that our protagonist stays true to who she is and that she can be her own hero, she knows who she is and even though her mother, someone that a lot of people put a lot of their trust into and look up to, disregards the like of natural hair that Marlene continues to stay true to herself and through her story shows other girls how to do that for themselves and help others.