I liked it a lot!

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This adorable middle grade graphic novel is sure to delight both current middle graders and adult readers alike.

The text: The text thoughtfully and intimately relates the struggle of a young Dominican girl (Marlene) learning to care for her hair in a way that makes her feel like herself both inside and out. A secondary plot is about Marlene's mother unlearning some long held beliefs that were forced on her as a young person about what type of hair is "correct" and "professional".

The artwork: The accompanying artwork was so gloriously vivid and detailed, at time it felt as though the artwork could have been a book on it's own (though the text definitely brings the reader closer to the character's thoughts and emotions!).

The artwork and the text combined created a beautiful book that should be in every school library. There is much that anyone (of any age, race, gender, or hair type) could learn from this book.

[Note: received a free copy from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group via BookishFirst]