Her Story, Hair Story

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The graphics in this were so cute and I love her Tía so much!

~Coming of age story

The struggle with hair and the salon Omgee I felt this story so much literally last week I went to a new hair dresser because mines is not taking people on wednesday and it's my only day off during the week rn. Mistakes were made!?! I left the salon looking like a poodle because the girl didn't know how to dry my hair or what product to put in it. Needless to say, I'll be taking a day off to go to my girl that knows my hair.

Marlene's mother makes her get her hair done every week then doesn't let her have a normal kid life because she was so worried about her hair. Luckily she has an Tía that knows how to teach Marlene about her natural hair and they have a weekend of quality time together to reminisce about life and hair probs. This hair getaway was also good for Marlene and her mother's relationship. Def Recommend <3 <3 <3