Happy Tears Were Shed

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Reading about Marlene's story was really eye-opening to how anti black beauty standards in America really are. If your hair isn't iron straight you need to "fix it". And with how girls and women of color, especially Black women have thier natural hair disparaged, ridiculed and mocked. If they aren't conforming to the eurocentric, racist, fatphobic, pedophilic, white supremacist, abileist beauty standards, then they face issues of being rejected and outcasted, or worse. Though women of color and especially Black women deserve to be praised and complimented for thier natural beautiful hair, just as all women are.

The Story is heartwarming as we see Marlene embrace her natural hair and watch as she embraces herself, she grows more confident and happy and others start to accept her too. It was a heartwarming story to see Marlene and her mom become happier with accepting and embracing themselves and each other.

The cover is cute and eye catching. The colors in the graphic novel are really nice and the art is very cute and the characters faces and emotions are really good. The book is perfect for all ages, though more for girls of color or girls with similair hair to Marlene's, who may have or do struggle with thier hair the way Marlene and her mom were.