Frizzy is the best!

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OMG! This book is exactly what I needed as a child. When I was younger I could not stand going to get my hair done. I could relate to Marlene on so many levels. Her story is relatable for all of us POC who have frizzy or curly hair. The message about self love is so important. It can be hard for child to embrace themselves when the world and parents hold a different standard of beauty that they do not want to live by. How we internalize that hurt. Marlene was such a wonderful character, and Tia Ruby is the best. Her confidence was like a badge of honor she wore, in choosing to embrace and love herself.
The illustration is absolutely gorgeous. There was so much attention to detail. The diversity among all the family members was nice to see. The depiction of the salon was spot on, with the food being passed around, and people selling jewelry. I loved Frizzy and cant wait to read more from the author.