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In FRIZZY, a middle-grade level graphic novel, Marlene struggles with the conflict between her family’s expectations of what makes her “presentable” and her desire to wear her hair as its natural curls. She hates going to the salon to have her hair straightened. Will Marlene figure out how to feel comfortable being herself and be able to convey this to her family?

FRIZZY is a fantastic graphic novel with an overall positive message. Despite being simplistic in nature due to the middle-grade audience level, the writing conveys what needs to be said in an effective manner and can appeal to a larger audience. The graphics are wonderful and really pull the book together. Graphic novels aren’t usually my preference, but this one was really great. It’s hard to read this book and not feel empathy for Marlene.

I’d recommend FRIZZY to anyone looking for a middle-grade graphic novel with a meaningful message.