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This book was better than I could have ever imagined. The little snipit I got caught my attention, but the rest of the book was able to keep it. I can't stress enough how beautiful the images of this graphic novel were. It also tackles such difficult and real topics (colorism/anti-blackness) in such a palatable way for a younger audience. Despite being riddled with humorous moments, it does not take away from the underlying issues that the book is talking about. In fact, it provides the perfect balance.

I think that the age group that this book targets was a wonderful choice for the author to be trying to reach. This young adolescent age is one where kids are grappling with their identities and the comments they hear about themselves from others. The lesson of learning to love yourself despite the words of other that is woven into this book is a great one for those in such a difficult time in life.

Teachers, get this one for your classroom libraries ; ) !