Empowering Middle Grade Graphic Novel

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This is an empowering middle grade graphic novel about accepting who you are and how you were made. It calls out cultural expectations and how people around us pressure us into conforming to their beauty standards. There was a lot of issues addressed in an easy to understand way for young readers. I think the message here is a good one, no one should be forced to hide certain features because someone else doesn't think it is beautiful. What's more beautiful than natural beauty and embracing the unique looks you have? Self-acceptance can go a long way. Perfect doesn't exists, and beauty standards are always changing. Most of them are ridiculous if you ask me and no young girl should be forced to see herself in such a negative way.

I really like that Marlene was able to express how she felt to her mother and got to hear her mom's side of the story as well. There was a lot of sweet moments were Marlene gets support from friends and family to embrace the hair she has and to not force it into something it's not. It was such a cute and meaningful story.

Even though the topics can be looked at as more serious, the book somehow managed to keep it all on the lighter side. There were some harsher moments, but the writing made it so you could understand what Marlene is going through without feeling depressing. She was bullied, and forced into standards by her mother and family. To overcome all of that she had to find a strength within herself to stand up against those standards. She truly was inspiring.

The artistry really captured the story and looked amazing. It really brought the story to life.