Embrace Curls

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We about to get personal in this review. GREAT haha!

My curls have always been a source of either love or insecurity for me. Growing up, I would run to the bathroom throughout the day to wet my frizzy hair to make it “more tame.” I was embarrassed, so it became a daily part of my routine. When I first learned about curly hair products, I honestly used too much of them to the point where I had crunchy curls haha. One extreme to the next. In my latter teen and early years in college, I had the best relationship with my curls, and I didn’t really think about them much besides when I was actually washing my hair. Sadly, recently, my hair isn’t reacting like it used to, so I’ve fallen back into insecurity. I’m trying to figure out what makes me and my hair happy, and I’m hoping I can be like Marlene and find my joy again.

While Frizzy is a middle grade graphic novel, it is a powerful story that can be read by anyone. It made me emotional, and I’m freaking twenty three. If I have any kids someday, I hope that they can read this and find joy in their hair journey. I can’t wait for all the curly headed kids around the world to read this and find joy with their hair because it is beautiful.

Thank you to Bookish First for the free finished copy! All thoughts and opinions are my own.