Daughter Couldn't Put It Down

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I read the excerpt of this book and new that my preteen would absolutely love it. She was able to really able to relate to Marlene and her frizzy hair. My daughter struggles with taming her own hair and learning to love it as she goes through her teens. She loved the book so much that she could not put the book down and read it all in one sitting. She loves graphic novels especially being able to visually picture what she is reading. We both instantly loved the cover of Frizzy as its very colorful and bright as well.
My daughter loved the relationship between Tia and Camila that Marlene shared her journey of self love with her hair. They were able to relate and help her through some difficult situation in her life. Marlene also has a love for books just like my daughter so it was nice to relate to someone like her. I really think these are the kind of books that young girls need so that they have someone that they can relate to.