Cute with Depth

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This book is so lovely. It's not something that I (a person with very straight, verrrrryyyy short) hair ever have to think about, and yet we live in a culture where so much value is placed on 'good hair.' This is such a loving, heartfelt story about identity, comfort, and being yourself. I adored it. Marlene's specific struggle with how people perceive and value her based on what her hair looks like in any given scene is something that will ring true for a lot of young readers who relate to this particular feeling.

On top of that, this story is about loving yourself for who you are, not what other people want you to be, and that's something every kid that age struggles with. Plenty of us struggle with that as adults, too. This story is so loving and sweet, and in addition to the value of representation, it's simply... kind. Loved the message, adored the art, and of course anything with chickens in it is a win for me!