Cute, emotional, and down to earth

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Colorful, dynamic art, showing the story of Marlene, a young teen who's discouraged by her mother's constant insistence that she get her hair to be something it's not and to be "beautiful", like her cousin. Marlene loves art and comics, and her active imagination also adds some superhero flair mixed in among the panels depicting everyday life. I loved how Marlene grows through this experience and learns how to speak up for herself at school and at home. She and her mother bond and work through generational expectations, cultural stigmas, and healing through grief. Both Marlene and her mother have growing to do, and it is easy to see the conflict from both perspectives. The story also touches on Marlene's school life, including her super awesome best friend, classwork, and mean school bullies. This is a standalone graphic novel, but I'd love to have more!