Celebration & representation!

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Frizzy is an amazing debut that highlights celebrating your personality and providing representation to those who can relate to Marlene.

But first, the cover is amazing. It's simple but it perfectly captured the essence of Marlene's story.

Marlene, as a main character, is someone you will easily love. I love her quirky and fierce personality. It feels good to imagine having characters like Marlene being read by other POC readers who can relate to her struggle and experiences.

The other characters in this graphic novel are all forgettable. To say that I hate them would be an understatement but to put it nicely, adults should acknowledge the roles that we play in shaping up the next generation.

But I love the contrast of Marlene's action in this book and how she stood up for the things she believe in even at such a young age.

Overall, an amazing book that you can read in one go! I highly recommend.