Beautiful and Spunky!

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What a delightful read! The story was cute and the message was important. I loved the artwork, each picture was vibrant: full of color and movement.
Frizzy is a sweet story of a young girl coming to terms with who she is and finding ways to express herself in her own unique way. Marlene is tired of long hours at the salon and trying to get her curly hair to conform to her mother’s high standards for “good hair”. She just wants to look and be herself.
She makes a few mistakes along the way, but with a little help from her friends and family she learns important lessons. I really liked how Marlene took responsibility and apologized when her actions were out of line.

This book is geared towards middle grade readers, but I think the concept and characters could be relatable for older readers as well.

An overall great book and well worth the time to read it!