Adorable Book!

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My best friend recommended this book because as children, we both could relate to Marlene as a child, growing up with a head of hair that we should have been proud of, but others could not, whether it be due to their own insecurities or their tainted ideas of beauty. My mother loved my curly hair and always wanted me to wear it natural, but I can empathize with Marlene's feelings due her mother's critical projecting. There is an awful feeling that comes from those around us who love us being critical of how we look. Even today, people always compliment my hair when it is straightened and not curly. I love how Marlene has her special Tia Ruby, with whom she not only shares interests, but the both look similar with beautiful, natural curly hair. All it takes is someone like that in your life to help you make you feel like the beautiful person you deserve to be and to show others how important it is to project the same positivity.