A book every person should read!

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This book absolutely exceeded any and all of my expectations! The cover is beautiful, whimsy and colorful! The artwork of this graphic novel is fun and exciting. I love that even the animals in the book taken on their own little quirky details. This book is definitely going to be a great read for kids, but honestly anyone at any age, race, gender will be able to relate to the messages being explored in this book. I love the message that your beauty on the inside is more important than the beauty in the outside. That just because people think you should look a certain way, it doesn’t mean you have to if you don’t want to. I love that they touch on the subject of how we learn things from our parents that aren’t always the best ways and it’s hard to unlearn those things. Other subjects that are touched on in this graphic novel is friendship, grief, losing a parent, bullying, loving yourself and self-acceptance, and family expectations. Overall, a wonderful book!