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This book was recommended to me by my friend Melissa. Melissa is the daughter of two immigrants, and as such she loved the book, it’s humor, it’s tropes, and it’s messaging.

I read this book and didn’t connect with it as much. I disliked the “twist” ending, I HATE the fake dating trope with a passion, and it just wasn’t for me in a lot of places.

Despite all of this though, I managed to come away with a good opinion of this book. It posed some questions to me in a way I think YA books ought to, and it helped me form a better connection with my friend and understand her more and on a deeper level. She is the David Yoon stan to my Nicola Yoon stan.

Frankly in Love is not only a story about culture clash but a highschooler trying to find his way, something any kid could relate to as a bridge to the deeper concepts about identity in a country that doesn’t see you as it’s own.