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This fictionalized account of the life of David Yoon works, with its humor and short chapters, as a great YA and Adult start to a new talent!

The introductory name lucky numbers will have readers whacking their own to make adjustments while the coverage of immigration and racism from so many conflicting perspectives is both smooth and original.


1. With the obvious connotation, the choosing of Q as a new names goes strangely uncommented on either by high school classmates, sister, or any of the Limbos.
2. Similarly, with all the Q Initiated touching and holding, his secret love is a secret only to the intended and not the readers.

3. FRANKLY IN LOVE was a totally exceptional 5 stars until Page 54.
'Lasers into live monkey brains' completely contradicts the mostly Be Kind message
of the rest of the book, and, worse still, there is no redemption by either Q or Frank Li.
Very sad.
Is this what the newest YA generation still wants for humanity?
To kill animals for no reason when computers have already proven to be superior and cruelty free?

4. None of the characters have pets.
Is this why eating any kind of animal is seen as an adventure?
5. There's no mention of North and South Korea.

6. Enough with the fartphone. It was borderline funny the first time,
then became increasingly tiresome: just plain "phone" is just fine.