I loved this book!

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AHHH this book was so cute!!! Frankly in Love is a story ( not just about love haha) about finding yourself and standing up for what you want and believe in. The story follows Frank Li who has a problem. His problem is the fact that he can't date who he wants do date because of his parents. Frank is Korean so his parents are very keen on him dating then marrying a Korean as well. Frank has a friend who is also posed with the same problem. So what do they do?? They fake date to help each other date who they actually want to date! It sounds confusing but it is not :) Without being too spoilery, this book dealed with a lot of racial issues, teenage issues, and more. I personally think that it was written beautifully and if you want to read something that isn't too deep but still meaningful, you should read Frankly in Love!!