High-school romance, fake dating and racism in America!

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”You're so great, you make that wall in China feel like a chain-link fence."
"You're so cool, global warming's scared of you. "

I was over the moon when I received a review copy of literally the most anticipated YA contemporary of this year. Let's take a moment to first drool over the cover which I wanted to eat on more occasion than one.

This is a coming-of-age story of Frank Li, a Korean American high school kid wading through the typical tribulations of high school along with some unforeseen curve balls that life is bound to throw.

David Yoon's writing has a very fresh voice and is in fact unlike any other I've read before. Apart from having lighter fun moments, and a great friendship between Frank and his "top-chap" Q, the book also delves into themes of racism and the insecurity and pang of not knowing where you truly belong.
That said, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed and I'm sure it's the insane amount of buzz that this book has been generating that's to blame here.