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David Yoon's books are always amazing! It seems as if this is yet another one filled with the main character's tangled web of lies. Also, about to go on a bit of a tangent here but David Yoon and his wife Nicola Yoon are a beautiful couple, excellent authors, and it is so heart-warming to see how supportive they are of one anothers' literary endeavors. Once again, the diverse representation in this book is awesome and it is great to have another AAPI main character. Of course, it can't be a David Yoon book without an identifty crisis of sorts, but that is just a common young adult novel trope in general. Additionally, the novel is based around the fake dating trop which I find to be overused and overrated, kind of like in To All the Boys I Loved Before. Anyways this books seems as if it will be relatable to many readers and I'm sure the hype surrounding it will not go away.