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I do think this was a cute and good story but the blurb/little summary isn’t total accurate. It had this premise of fake dating and I am such a fan of that, that I had to check it out.

It’s one of my favorite tropes and I was really excited about this, but they stopped fake dating in just a couple of chapters. It really shouldn’t have been marketed as that. Maybe if it hadn’t, I would’ve liked this much more.

I also didn’t love the characters, they were frankly boring at times. I really did like the representation in this, as a second generation american I think this story got that feeling very accurate. I feel seen as funny as that sounds.

The korean culture and all that was really interesting to learn about that, and I loved that! This book was just very relatable for me. But the characters such as Frank Li ruined it for me, he was just such an ass to be completely honest.

Not bad, could’ve been better. But it was still pretty cute.