A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this amazingly descriptive, incredibly witty, and often hilarious story of Frank Li and his struggle to rise above the cultural conflict of being a first generation Korean American teenager. I immediately connected with Frank and I could easily relate to his feelings of being stuck in the middle of two very different cultures. His struggles of trying to keep his parents happy while also trying to grow beyond the prejudices of his parents culture are all too real. I was drawn to Frank's easy going personality, especially when he describes his “ideal traits in a woman“ as being someone who is kind and could make him laugh. However, under his breath he mutters that she should probably be Korean-American in order to please his parents.

I loved the authors detailed and often colorful descriptions of things like the “Lake Girlfriend”, his friendship with Q, the stores worn counter, the Korean Gatherings and of course his growing feelings for Brit. The authors sense of humor was evident with the description of typical AP nerds, fart phones, and the awkward high five/fist bumb of male nerds. I truly enjoyed the authors engaging writing style and often found myself laughing at his descriptions and metaphors. I also appreciated the authors insight into the typical life of a high school nerd. I definitely look forward to reading the rest of Frankly in Love!

I thought the cover of the book looks inviting and it definitely caught my attention. I love the title and it’s play on the main characters name. I’m confident that this book will be very engaging, easily relatable, and entertaining. Thank you for the preview!