Took Me By Surprise

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At first glance, this book might seem like an addition to the Three Dark Crowns series, but Four Dead Queens is instead a debut novel in an entirely different universe that just so happens to also revolve around queens. I received a copy of this book in an OwlCrate box in 2019, so it's been waiting on my shelves, patiently waiting to be picked up. I thought the world building, especially in the first two parts (i.e. first half) of the novel were strong, and I was fascinated to find out about the individuality of the four distinct quadrants, ruled by the four distinct queens. There were some aspects that I wasn't particularly fond of, especially in the case of Eonia, but learning about how each quadrant operated and how each queen ruled differently was still interesting. Each character had a very distinct voice, which I appreciated. Many chapters are written from Keralie, the thief's, point of view in first person narration, but there were moments when we got to follow each of the queens, in third person narration, and how they respond to the events that are happening around them which was cool. I am not a typical fantasy reader, but I flew threw this one pretty fast because I just had to see how everything played out. I can't say this book is without its faults, but if the premise intrigues you I'd suggest at least giving it a try. You might be surprised.