The title gave it away.

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This book kept me on the edge of my seat! I loved loved loved everything about this book. The characters, their development, and their relationships. I loved Keralie's flirty personality and how she develops into a more mature and trusting character. Moreover, I liked how Varin begin develop feelings for Keralie and slowly loses his guarded nature. As the story progresses theres more and more suspense as to who killed the four queens. I found myself asking the same question, the suspense of the novel is greatly executed and truly made my heart beat fast. I most definitely did not expect that plot twist but that was what made it all the better.

I feel that the title gave too much of the story away and that it would've definitely been better if the title did not state that all four queens were dead. However, because the title stated that I did not expect the last queen to be alive.