Reader Insider Reviews "Four Dead Queens"

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Keralie Corrington is a seventeen year old thief in Quadra who is so skilled at stealing that she can take anything at anytime. On the other hand, Varin, is a messenger and a good citizen of Quadra. When Keralie steals a package from Varin, they end up holding the most incriminating evidence in chips. These chips can record people’s memories and it directly ties Keralie and Varin to the four queens’ murder. These four queens are the four female monarchs of Quadra. As they go on this journey to find the real killer, Keralie and Varin, two very different people, find solace in each other.
This story is suspenseful, interesting and full of twists and turns. Told in alternating points of view between Keralie and the four queens, the author takes the reader on a fast-paced ride. The world building is unique filled with the lush history of Quadra, tiny chips that hold memories and advanced genetic engineering. Action and adventure take a huge role in this fantasy novel. The author does a great job of creating a strong female character who can find her own way through anything. Entertaining with manipulation and deception, this book is an entertaining read.