Pleasantly Surprised

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I hadn't read a mystery novel in many years since Nancy Drew in 5th grade so this was a very fun change of pace.

I thought the plot was really strong and easy to follow. I wasn't expecting much just because I don't read this genre a lot but it was exciting and refreshing which I appreciated.

I liked the worldbuilding. The imagery was beautiful and the history, laws, and environment were all well developed and they were easy to understand which helped in following the plot and the "why" behind the story.

The characters were strong and interesting as well. The backstories we were given for them helped to recognize their motives and the reason they all did what they did.

I enjoyed the different character's points of view, especially the switch between the queens and Keralie as it was interesting to see what was happening during ghte investigation inside the castle and what was happening with Keralie as she was trying to figure out what to do with the new information she had.

Overall I would recommend this book if you're looking for something fast-paced, fun, and interesting.