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I'm not a huge fan of murder and mystery books, so I was a bit surprised when, in the beginning, I liked this book. The setting was interesting and I enjoyed reading about some of the characters. I thought the worldbuilding was good as well. I think the "four queens that rule over a kingdom" is a bit of a popular trope. There's nothing wrong with that, in my opinion though, it wasn't pulled off well.

I felt as if for a standalone there were too many perspectives. I think the book could have been much better if there weren't so many perspectives. (If I remember right there were 5-6)

But one of the main downfalls of this book is the main character, Keralie. Did I begin to get really annoyed with her She kind of goes back and forth between Do I want to be more than being a thief? No. But do I want more?? Why would I want to be anything more than a criminal? But do I?? I'm no better than a common street thief..but am I?? She goes back and forth pretty much the whole book which I found annoying. I also thought her backstory was not super unique or thought out.

I was kind of disappointed with this book because there were many aspects that I loved: Morally grey characters, dystopian setting, etc. But some things just dragged the story on, unfortunately.