I'm hooked!

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Four Dead Queens grabs your attention, holds you tight and doesn't let go. Within the first 30 pages I was deep into the narrative. Having the dual perspectives, like Iris's POV and Keralie's POV, for example is a really great idea, and adds different outlooks that you wouldn't get from just one person telling the story. I like that she's a theif, but it's also interesting that she knows where she stands with her friend and boss, Mackiel... but at the same time she doesn't. The dynmaic that they have as friends is good, and I think it fits the story well.

There really wasn't anything that I truly disliked about the first look so far, excpet for Iris getting killed so soon. I liked getting a look inside her head and how she feels about things, but I feel like killing her off this early helps set up one of the major plot lines, ie: seeing if Mackiel and Keralie can figure out who killed the four queens. I'm so glad this book is published though, because I'd love to pick it up the next time I go to the bookstore!