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I really liked reading this book lately I have not been able to finish any and I thought it was just because I was getting tired of the same type of YA reading. What I liked about it was that it was fast paced the characters were well written, Keralie is not exactly a hero but with new company she starts to realise that she can change her future and try to fix her past mistakes, and there was a lot of mystery surrounding the past mistakes she made. Every time she solved something a new thing came up that made it complicated to get to the end.
Varin. It really got interesting to me when he came, he reminded me of Peeta from the Hunger Games. Varin comes from a whole different world than Keralie and he shows her that she can change the way she is just in a way like Peeta.

I’m very glad that I got the chance to know about this author as I will be looking out for her books.
But if you want a fast paced book that has murder, mystery and minimal romance this is a book for you.