Couldn't put it down!

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This book was exciting, detailed, and included thrilling twists. The story follows four queens and and a brainwashed girl. The queens rule over four different realms and each of them instituted laws that make the citizens dislike them. Ultimately, anyone could be the murder of the queens due to the fact that no one really likes them. For awhile it even seemed like one of the queens could be the murderer, as they usually didn't have an alibi. This book continued to keep me on the edge of my seat as I attempted to determine who was the killer. The fact that the queens weren't very likeable almost had me cheering for the murderer. The end came about quite abruptly and lacked a ton of details. I was happy with how the book ended and would definitely recommend this book to a friend if they like murder mysteries with a twist. The cover was a bit plain so don't judge this book by its cover!