Best Mix Of Fantasy And Mystery

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This is one of my favorite books. I love the mix of fantasy with mystery. The world setting is so unique and wonderfully built. The scenes were so engaging and easy to understand and picture.

There is constant action through the whole book. It starts out fast paced and never lets up. I wanted to keep reading which is hard for me to find in a book. There is constant twist and turns and the character are always running from something as well as trying to save the queens. The technology used in the book is very cleverly thought out and makes this book very unique in revealing things through out.

The author had me guessing the whole time. The ending was very clever. Even if you could guess who did it on a whim there is no way you would know how it was accomplished. I do not regret reading this book at all.

I love the development of characters. The relationships advanced naturally, not to slow or fast. I love the interaction between characters for the good and bad. Just everything about this book is well written. And the cover is amazing. I will definitely read more from this amazing author.