Amazing Book!

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The book Four Dead Queens is probably one of my favorite books. The book has a wide variety of things to love; different point of views, murder, slight romance, plot twist, and more! It brought me a lot of delight and it changed my perspective on things, even though it didn’t change a lot.

The book’s plot was entertaining and had me up reading for a while and on the edge of my seat. I usually don’t like murder mystery’s that much either but the words flowed and left me wanting to keep turning the page. The different POV was probably one of the things that made me love the book so much too. I love seeing what other people are doing a thinking.

I the book does have some swear words but to me that didn’t change much. Nothing serious enough to stop reading completely. The B word is the worst you get.

This YA novel is a real page turner and I hope you will love as much as I did.