A Fun and Adventurous Read

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This book was amazing! First of all, the world building was incredible and I found myself wanting to be transported into his strange fantasy world more times than I could possibly count. The queens, the different cities, and pretty much everything about this book felt ethereal.

The main character, Keralie, is quite possibly my favorite thing about this book. She's strong, resilient, and considered one of the best thief's in Quadara. And Varin, who's technically Keralie's opposite, was also an interesting character to read about. From the very beginning, I loved their dynamic and couldn't stop myself from shipping them!

I have to say that the back-and-forth point of views between our two main characters and the four queens was a smart move. I got to get connected with all the characters, making me feel betrayed, scared, and even angry for them. Overall, this was fast-paced, fun to read, and left me incredibly surprised at the end!