The book was ok

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I’m sorry to say that this book was just ok. Don’t get me wrong. The plot line is good but the writing needs some help. The most distracting was reading sentences that flowed, but then the next seemed like the author replaced normal words from a thesaurus. It got to be very distracting, but only bothered me in the chapters with Elias. His chapters also seemed to describe females in very specific details.

I thought this was going to be set either in the past or future but it seemed like present day. Elias in Chicago and Ophelia starting in San Francisco then to Chicago.

To be honest Elias’ story arc reminded me of the Batman origin story. Right down to how he fights.

Ophelia is an empath and I liked her storyline better than Elias. Her storyline seem to be similar to my own with a crazy mother.
Overall the book was ok but I probably wouldn’t read the next book in the series.