Love triangle and cliffhanger

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I was back and forth about this but ultimately I must say it is just an ok read. It is definitely an investment because this book (and every book in the series) ends in a huge cliffhanger. So if you start, be prepared for a long and strung out plot. Also be prepared to search yourself for key information outside of this book (more on that later).
The action scenes and meeting of Ophelia and Elias in the beginning of the book was interesting and thrilling. I was intrigued by the fantasy and magical world and wanted to know more about the conflict. But there was also so much detail and description particularly with Ophelia and her mother that don’t amount to anything and left me bored. I had to set the book down and come back to it over and over to get through many scenes.
Towards the beginning of the book, the timeline skips a year and a half in which we hardly get any information (except that Ophelia dreams every night about Elias) but we are supposed to believe that she built such a deep relationship with Lucas. Well that doesn’t really work for me, it just makes Lucas look controlling and selfish in his actions. The love triangle continues for the rest of the book and I am not a fan.
The kicker for me is that too much information about the characters and their backgrounds are withheld or even written about in novelettes or ‘bonus chapters’ on the author’s website. I understood so much more about character motivations after reading a bonus chapter outside of the book. Just include that information and cut down on other filler information that is, quite frankly, boring. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.