I'm intrigued....

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I will admit this one took me a few pages to get a feel for, the dual point of view is one I usually enjoy but the setup for Elias and Ophelia was a hard one to get into. I'm not sure who or what Elias and Ophelia are but I want to know.

Is Ophelia really just empathic or is there some mental illness? Why do people spill their darkest secrets to her? Is there some type of genetic component with her mother and grandmother? Only time, and more pages will tell.

What is it that Elias needs this secret place for, what kind of life did her have before we find him on that plane? Do we ever find out just why his parents were killed, why he was sent on this specific journey, and what happened to the body???? Again I need to know more.

Poor Alistair, I can't imagine a worse way to go but I can hope that Elias finds the information her needs from what he removed from the fire. All that being said I got to the last page and literally said no, I need to know what's next.

I'm looking forward to reading the entire book and seeing just how these very different characters end up in each others worlds.