What if your fate was in your parents hands?

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I really enjoyed this book. I was sent an ARC from the publisher.

Letta is in juvenile detention for killing her sister. One night of poor choices has changed her life and her family’s life forever. The novel alternates between the voices of Letta and Vince, her brother. I felt this was very well written and the author did a very good job sharing each person's perspective and thoughts.

This novel looks at what could happen if the families of the victims were in charge of the sentencing of the subject. And how would it look if the family of the victim was also the family of the subject?

Letta is locked away and dealing with her own thoughts. No one will come visit her except her best friend. Her parents won’t visit or even write to her. Her “boyfriend” has written but since he was the reason behind everything that happened, she wants nothing to do with him.

Letta must go through two Trials to atone for what she has done. And after that? Who knows. Maybe she will be forgiven, and maybe not. It’s all up to her parents, And they won’t talk to her to find out what really happened that night.