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This book follows Violetta and her brother Vince in the aftermath of their sisters death. Violetta, or Letta for short, is in juvenile detention because of her role in her sisters death which was that she was driving while drunk with the girl in her car and they were in a car crash.

I loved this book for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is it's exploration of different topics. The book explores the justice system, substance use, grief and forgiveness in a way that is accessible to teenagers while still being impactful.

I loved the characterization and the way I could connect with the characters. Vince, for example, is the oldest child who loves his sisters and family. Not only that but I could see myself in the way he felt the need to keep secrets and maintain this perfect image while not feeling like I have a voice in what happens in relation to our family. And only being a few years older than him I can see where he's coming from 100%. I could feel both his and Letta's frustrations as they navigated this time in their lives where they felt isolated.

I think this is definitely a book that high school aged kids should have access to and be exposed to. It covers I think some of the most important topics that they'll need to learn about in a way they'd be able to understand and I think in a way that will encourage them to go do their own research.