When social media and technology corrupt society

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Followers is a speculative fiction novel set between 2015 and 2051.

This book is getting a lot of buzz right now, and for good reason. It examines the impact of social media and technology on our lives.

The year is 2051. Marlow is in a futuristic version of The Truman Show where almost her entire life plays out in front of cameras in a battle for followers. Marlow is one of the more popular stars living on-camera in Constellation, CA.

In 2015, Orla Cadden is working at Ladyish, a blog, when her roommate Floss approaches her with a plan to launch both of them into fame. Orla wants to be a novelist; Floss has given up her dream of being a singer and now just wants to be famous. Floss becomes a social media influencer and then a reality star. Orla goes along for the ride, helping Floss to play the media like a fiddle from her perch as a blogger.

It’s hard to say a lot about the plot because I really enjoyed the twists and turns and wry commentary on present day society. I will say an unnamed President who speaks just like the current WH occupant has a cameo. Social media vs real life is a theme. Digital and smart phone addiction cause some pretty serious problems. Drones are mentioned in several parts of the book (in 2051). Hackers and bots put in an appearance.

I’m not sure all readers will take from it what I did. For me, quality of parenting was a theme, with narcissistic parents getting a deserved bum rap.