Way better than I thought it would be

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Followers is only one of two books that I have read this year that I feel deserves a five star rating! This book was a lot deeper than I thought it was going to be. It forced me to reflect upon our society's constant use of screen time and social media and possible effects of that usage. There are two time periods in this book: 2016 and 2051. The 2016 time period is much like today and included the character Floss. Although I don't know anyone personally who is famous due to social media presence, I could see Floss' "anything for fame" attitude being realistic for those people. She didn't care if it was negative or positive attention, she just thrived on being in the limelight. The 2051 time period was really interesting to read about. Instead of cellphones, people have devices that speak to them. I don't think those devices are extremely far fetched either after watching an Elon Musk interview about technology a few months ago. Not only was this a book about technology, but it also included very human themes of belonging, morality, love, and what is important in life. I highly recommend this book!